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“My newest paintings portray the fragmentary nature of memories with a literal depiction. They pulse, come together, and drift apart. Related images overlap, and fragments are lost. Boundaries do not exist in our memories, nor does our waking vision cease at an edge. The composition is not beholden to the rectangle, and is allowed to organically grow and dictate its own geometry; created by the idea, not by the limitations of a single canvas.

“My paintings illustrate the subjects in our collective conscious; the timelessness of beauty, and that which appears iconic and nostalgic. However, they are places, events, and times I have not personally witnessed prior to their cultural status. These paintings depict the ‘second-hand memories’ of our culture and society, and provide a catalyst to the stories and memories of those who witnessed them; stories which are separated by a generation of romanticization and nostalgia.

“In an age where our technology has surpassed our ambition, it is easier to look toward the past and see our accomplishments, than it is to have any real excitement about the future. These paintings are an attempt to once again become excited about what can be done, by depicting what has been done. They serve as a catalyst of story-telling between viewers; to share in the personal sagas of adventure, discovery, and the innovation that we as a society value.”